The federation of African nutrition society (FANUS), is a conglomeration of nutrition societies of the African nations with the vision to market and sustain nutrition security & national altogether country of Africa. The vision of the federation of African nutrition society (FANUS) is to enhance the visibility, relevance & functionality of FANUS and national nutrition societies, con-jointly to strengthen the functioning and property of national nutrition societies to realize goals unite & influence nutrition in Africa. FANUS is a voluntary, non-profit organization bringing national professional nutrition societies of countries in Africa together. The society held a conference in 2015 in Arusha, Tanzania, 3rd FANUS conference in Tanzania, the main focus of this conference to check whether Africa has achieved the MDGs & to motivate the nutritional development in Africa. Federation of African nutrition society mainly highlights their conference regarding, Nutrition in Africa-changing patterns and causalities, Nutrition as a human right or as an investment case ,Nutrition governance and accountability, Breast-feeding and complementary feeding , Maternal nutrition-the neglected factor, Obesity and NCDs in Africa, Nutrition training and education. Since the international union of nutritional science features contemporary global nutritional issue such as the: the global challenge of obesity. The nature and determinants of child development and their implications for programmatic interventions with young children The IUNS also embraces global nutrition agenda to address: Food and nutrition problems in developing countries, Food safety training for nutritionist.

Scope of the Congress

The conference provides a forum for nutrition and health scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs, development partners, and other stakeholders in the nutrition, health, agriculture and food sectors to present their latest research findings. Also, the conference will act as an avenue to dialogue how to enhance better nutrition and health among Africans to serve as the foundation for sustainable human, social, and economic development.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts submission is open up to 31st March 2019. The call of abstracts will be sent before end of 2018.  However, all abstracts relevant to the Congress theme or sub-themes should be written in English and not exceed 300 words. Authors should indicate which symposia there abstract pertains to. The presenting author should be underlined and contact information noted. Each abstract should contain a short introduction; purpose of the study/program; methods/approach used; summary of results; and major conclusions/ recommendations. Send your abstracts to Dr Ella Compaore CCed Dr Christine Mukantwali

Themes and symposia

In addition to plenary presentations, this four day conference will have parallel symposia focused on 11 sub-themes:

·     Malnutrition; forms, trends, causalities, innovations and cost.

·     Commitments, policies and strategies to eliminate malnutrition

·     Multi-sectoral coordination of nutrition initiatives

·     Sustainable financing of Nutrition

·     Human Capital Development and Education

·     Nutrition and NCDs

·     Isotopes in nutrition research

·     Advocacy, communication and mobilization

·     Data generation and Knowledge systems

·     Nutrition policies, politics, and nutrition governance in Africa

·     Nutrition and health implication of the current food system in Africa

Exploring the Potential of African foods in Nutrition and disease