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The general objective of the Federation is to promote the advancement of nutrition science and the interest of professional nutritionists in Africa in a way, which does not detract the autonomy of any of the member societies.

Specific activities of the Federation are:

  • To encourage and promote closer contact and interaction between nutritional societies within the African continent
  • To encourage and support the holding of conferences and workshops that will allow nutritionists to exchange experiences with their peers and with colleagues from within Africa and from other continents.
  • To encourage and support training programmes and educational courses that will improve the quality of nutrition research, teaching and service delivery, in Africa.
  • Such other activities as are commensurate with promoting nutrition among scientists in Africa and with explaining the role of African nutritionists to the society in general.
  • To re-conceptualise the role of nutrition profession in Africa in the changing global economy.
  • To encourage communication and collaboration among nutrition scientists in Africa.
  • To encourage and promote dissemination of information in nutrition sciences through modern information technology (ICT)
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