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Arusha declarations


1. We call on the African Union Heads of States to commit at least 3% of all Sector budgets for nutrition to ensure that the cross-sectoral issues which affect nutrition can be adequately addressed.

2. We call for clearer visibility for nutrition including specific funding commitments in the implementation of the SDGs framework.

3. We advocate clear, streamlined and fit-for-purpose national nutrition policies and governance frameworks, their coordination, implementation, monitoring & evaluation and overall accountability for scaling up. 

4. We African nutritionists recognize the competition for limited financial resources and urge prioritized investments to ensure measurable impact in meeting national nutritional needs 

5. We recognize the initiatives and efforts made by African Nutrition Professional bodies and our international partners to help address capacity gaps in the nutrition workforce and advocate national institutional support and commitment to sustain the momentum and allow for scaling up such efforts

6. We African nutritionists pledge to work collaboratively with the African Union and its relevant institutions such as NEPAD to provide professional expertise, leadership and support in realizing continental goals for nutrition

7. FANUS (in its Capacity building efforts) supports and will work with other relevant organizations in efforts to improve harmonization of competency based nutrition training in institutions in member countries and support improvements in standards and efforts towards professional recognition and regulation 

8. We call for Africans to take leadership in addressing African malnutrition