Membership Benefits

The Federation of African Nutrition Societies (FANUS) offers National Member Societies with a range of benefits including; keeping our members up to date with nutrition science knowledge and help our members extend their network of professional contacts.

 Becoming a member will give National Nutrition Societies and their individual members access to the following range of benefits:

  1. Discounted rates to our scientific conferences
  2. Receive opportunities, latest Federation news and latest developments in the field of Nutrition posted to FANUS members via email

    iii.            Travel grants to aid in travelling to scientific conferences

  1. Financial assistance to attend Nutrition Leadership Programmes jointly organized
  2. Join a regional section for news and events within your area
  3. Join one of the Four Nutrition teams set up by the President

  vii.            Vote in elections for new members to represent members

viii.            Present your research at a the Federation conferences

  1. Develop your leadership skills by becoming a member of the student body
  2. Nominate yourself to join a committee
  3. Eligible to apply for one of our awards


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