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The federation of African nutrition societies (FANUS),

(FANUS), is a conglomeration of nutrition societies of the African nation with the vision to market and sustain nutrition security & national altogether country of Africa. The vision of the federation of African nutrition society (FANUS) is to enhance the visibility, relevance & functionality of FANUS and national nutrition societies, con-jointly to strengthen the functioning and property of national nutrition societies to realize goals unite & influence nutrition in Africa. FANUS is a voluntary, non-profit organization bringing national professional nutrition societies of countries in Africa together. The society held a conference in 2015 in Arusha, Tanzania, 3rd FANUS conference in Tanzania, the main focus of this conference to check whether Africa has achieved the MDGs & to motivate the nutritional development in Africa. Federation of African nutrition society mainly highlights their conference regarding, Nutrition in Africa-changing patterns and causalities, Nutrition as a human right or as an investment case ,Nutrition governance and accountability, Breast-feeding and complementary feeding , Maternal nutrition-the neglected factor, Obesity and NCDs in Africa, Nutrition training and education. Since the international union of nutritional science features contemporary global nutritional issue such as the: the global challenge of obesity. The nature and determinants of child development and their implications for programmatic interventions with young children The IUNS also embraces global nutrition agenda to address: Food and nutrition problems in developing countries, Food safety training for nutritionist.

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