Dr. Habiba Hassan-Wassef Council Member

Nutrition Researcher

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Dr. Habiba Hassan-Wassef (Egypt)

 An initial career in nutrition research took Dr. Hassan-Wassef to Paris University, then Columbia University where she was a Whitehall Research Fellow. Lifelong service with the World Health Organization ended with high level strategy and policy responsibilities in Geneva.  Dr. Hassan-Wassef’s knowledge and expertise in nutrition, food and health was further enriched through continued national and regional research projects and expert services to multilateral, bilateral, and regional organizations in the Middle-East, Africa and Europe. A Trustee of the African Nutrition Society, she is also Vice-President of the African Society of Mycotoxicology. Dr. Hassan-Wassef is author of several scientific publications and laureate international and African awards and prizes, the most recent being the International Union for Nutrition Sciences 2022 title “Living Legend“.

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